Service purchase (card) review

Our site offers a secure credit card payment provided by Raiffeisen Bank. The security of the data relies on the separation.
receive information on the Web in the order from the customer, Raiffeisen Bank the card data required for the payment page a 128-bit SSL encryption. The payment-side data content of the Website is not informed, they are accessible by Raiffeisen Bank. The transaction is the result of the Web site after the payment accordingly. The bank card payment solution for your internet browser must support SSL encryption.
against the value of the service purchased, the amount paid card account will be blocked immediately. Please read the information carefully
Welcome to the Raiffeisen Bank's secure, online payment solution Site Here?
Below is a short description about how you can secure way to purchase.
What to watch out for when buying?
Read site description, buying conditions of and the terms of payment!
Study safety conditions at the site, as it will guarantee the security of your data?
Keep a record of the transaction data related to compensation! (Transaction ID, license number)
Ensure that the secret data of your card unauthorized person does not have access to.
Use a browser that supports SSL encryption option required!
security of the
SSL encryption method called Secure Sockets Layer accepted abbreviation. Bank has a 128-bit encryption key to protect the communication channel. At present, the global e-commerce, 90% of this encryption method. The browser used by the buyer to SSL using the cardholder data is encrypted prior to transmission, they are passed to the Raiffeisen Bank in a coded form, so do not be deciphered by unauthorized persons.
accepted cards in the Bank's Internet payment system MasterCard / Maestro, VISA product family of VISA and VISA Electron (Electron in the case only if authorized by the issuing bank) use bank cards as well as payment for online use webkártyával allow.

Payment steps
you choose you the Web page to the service which you intend to bank card.
Subsequently, you're redirected to page guaranteeing Raiffeisen Bank secure payment, where to begin payment card data are required to fill.
enter your card details on the payment button to start the transaction,
the After payment, you return to the Web page where the transaction you will receive a confirmation.
event of bankcard payments, following the successful transaction - this is the card's validity and after checking the coverage are mean - Raiffeisen Bank debits the cardholder's account is debited for goods or services counter value.
If you are not directed back from the payment page of the Web site, the transaction qualifies as unsuccessful. If you click on the browser's "Back / Back" or "Reload / Refresh" button clicking, respectively. close the browser window before directed back to the store, pay unsuccessful.
If the transaction is the result of the case of the failure of reason, has more details further information, please contact your account keeping bank. CARD ACCEPTANCE

What type of cards can be paid?
VISA and MasterCard embossed cards and. certain VISA Electron cards. You can use VISA Electron cards for online transactions depends on the card-issuing bank. The VISA Electron cards can be used online emitted by the CIB.
Which bank cards are suitable for online payment?
any VISA and MasterCard / Maestro card online payment have been enabled by the card issuing bank and intended specifically for online use Web card.
might be purchasing cards to pay?
issued by merchants / service points-based loyalty cards should be no payments online.
might be co-branded cards to pay?
any co-branded card is possible to pay for online payment for MasterCard or VISA card.


How does the payment online banking background process?
customer of merchant / service provider side, after the choice of payment is by credit card payment is initiated, leading to a payment page is moved to a secure communication channel with the Bank. The need to provide payment card number, expiration date, and card back side of aláíráscsíkján found three digit validation code. The transaction, you start from that time the card goes through real-time authorization, under which the original data of card, coverage and the purchase limit will be checked. If the transaction is to resume all the data corresponds to the amount paid account-keeping (card-issuing) bank blocks the card. The amount will be charged to (debited) occurs within a few days depending on the driver's bank account.
How does it differ from conventional card purchases online?
distinguish between the presence of the card in (Card Present) with and without the presence of (Card not Present) transactions. Card-present transactions is made ​​using a POS terminal. After the card is swiped and the PIN code is entered, the terminal may contact the cardholder's bank via the authorization center, and the type of card and the card issuer, depending on through the VISA or MasterCard network. This is where the validity and coverage test (authorization). The same path backward through the POS terminal (or the merchant) receives the approval or denial. The customer signs the receipt. Card-not-present transactions are where the card is not physically present. This includes mail, telephone, or transactions electronically (over the internet), where the buyer (cardholder) the transaction is secure (128 bit encrypted) payment site by entering the card details. A successful transaction, you receive an. license number, which is equal to the number of paper slip.

What is a book?
transaction of the bank is informed of reservation (blocking) follows, since the actual debiting to the official data must first arrive, which takes in and the amount purchased would be spent again some day. Therefore, the reservation of segregated money used for the purchase or recorded, made ​​under reservation. The total amount involved is part of the account balance, that is, it interest, but it can not be spent. The book provides the rejection of transactions, which have no collateral, even though the account balance principle also serve as an opportunity.


What may be a failed transaction?
Generally not accepted by the card-issuing bank (ie where the customer obtained the card) payment orders; but in the case of credit card use could also be made ​​that because of the telecommunications or computer error, the request for authorization has not reached the card-issuing bank.
cards type of error
the card is not suitable for online payments.
online using the card prohibited by the account-holding bank.
A card has been blocked.
A card information (card number, expiry date, code on the signature strip) has been incorrectly specified.
Card has expired.
Invoice type of error is
not collateral to complete your transaction.
Amount of transaction exceeding card purchase limit.
Relations type of error
in the transaction is likely to be the line went dead. Please try again.
due to transaction timeout failed. Please try again.
For technical fault
If the payment page does not return to the merchant / service provider side of the transaction fails.
If the payment page is back, but the browser's "back", "reload" or "refresh" allows you to return to the payment page, your transaction the system automatically rejects for security reasons.
What to do if the payment procedure is unsuccessful?
For all transactions, a transaction identifier is generated, which is proposed to be recorded. If during the payment attempt the transaction the bank's side will be rejected, please contact your account keeping bank.
reasons, the managing bank must be contacted in case the payment is unsuccessful?
During the card-check the account-keeping (card-issuing) bank sends the amount to be recovered merchant (acquiring) bank that the transaction can be executed. Customer of another bank to the acquiring bank may not release confidential information, it only identifies the cardholder bank is authorized.
What does it mean, but if my bank SMS I received the amount of the reservation / blocking, but the merchant / service provider stated that he had failed to pay?
This phenomenon may occur in cases where the card was verified on the payment page, but you can not return to the merchant / service provider's website. The transaction is incomplete in this case, so automatically unsuccessful. In this case, the card is not debited the amount of the reservation will be released.

IMPORTANT! The cards will appear after offsetting the ordered period! If this does not happen until the appearance suspended! delayed payment (in case of transfer *) Based on the terms and conditions contained in the website section 3 and default interest. administrative fees charged, which was invoiced to the customer. * The receipt of the transfer by choosing our account within 48 hours. Delayed payment (* reference to his case) on the website of the character Conditions of contract based on the third dot with default interest, administrative, we Burde it with n the prize, for Which We invoice the customer. * transfer his arrival Chosen happening for our account inside 48 clocks.

According to the Hungarian legislation with EU rules on to the Civil Code. With effect from 1 May 2004. 301 / A According to § a default interest rate of, (this value from the actual signing of the contract 8 day 30 day 14 per cent). calculated the interest payable eight days from the date of authorized for payment of (account) the receipt of the lapse of the due and shall be entitled to the fulfillment of 8 days elapsed from and authorized for payment of (invoice) On receipt of the contract signature date. event of late payment of appearance limit, to the point from which the late payment interest on the full amount arrives at the company's account. event of late payment the provider administrative yearling charge ! 47 administration fee on the invoice amount -% of respondents.


What does a VeriSign SSL and 128-bit encrypted communication channel?
SSL encryption accepted abbreviation for Secure Sockets Layer. Bank has a 128-bit encryption key to protect the communication channel. The company VeriSign enables Raiffeisen Bank to use the 128-bit key, which provide SSL-based encryption. At present, the global e-commerce, 90% of this encryption method. The browser used by the buyer to the cardholder data is encrypted using SSL before transmission, which means they are in coded form, the bank thus not be deciphered by unauthorized persons.
warned after the payment of the browser to leave the security zone. Which guarantees the security of my payment?
Absolutely yes. The payment process takes 128-bit encrypted communication channel, so it is completely safe. Following the transaction, you get back to the merchant's website where the dealer website is not encrypted, your browser warns you that you left the encrypted channel. This is not a threat to the security of the payment.
CVC2/CVV2 What is the code?
for MasterCard called Card Verification Code, in the case of the so-called Visa. Card Verification Value is a numeric value encoded on the magnetic strip of the credit card, which is used to determine the authenticity of a card. The so-called. CVC2 code, which sequence of MasterCard / Maestro cards on the back of the last three digits of listed should be given over the internet purchases.
What is Verified by Visa?
Verified by Visa system registered Visa cardholders choose a password at the card-issuing bank, which they can identify themselves when shopping online, and providing protection against unauthorized use of Visa cards. Raiffeisen Bank accepts cards issued within the Verified by Visa system.
What is MasterCard SecureCode?
MasterCard SecureCode systems registered MasterCard / Maestro cardholders choose a password at the card-issuing bank, which they can identify themselves when shopping online, and providing protection for MasterCard unauthorized use / Maestro cards. CIB Bank accepts cards issued within the MasterCard SecureCode systems.
UCAF What is the code?
case of MasterCard / Maestro cards for your card-issuing bank may have received a unique code. If you have not got one, leave the field empty. Thanks!

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<p> The fee is £ 130 / year. <br>? Prices of all-time currency exchange rates will change in the medium. </ strong> </ p> _x000D_          <p> IMPORTANT! The cards will appear after offsetting the ordered period </ strong> </ p> _x000D_          <p> NAME: </ strong> company name, or the name card holder's name </ p> _x000D_          <p> DESCRIPTION </ strong>: couple-word description of the activities (. fordászat eg, a car, etc.) </ p> _x000D_          <p> cards: </ strong> You can be the edited, cropped graphic cards. My computer, max. 512Kb. Jpg format. business cards online editor </ p> _x000D_          <p> Please only trimmed, upload Series 9:5 aspect ratio (90 mm ​​x 50 mm) cards </ p> _x000D_          <p> entire period: </ strong> Select the period of the appearance of the name card. (12 months) </ p> _x000D_          <p> billing address. </ strong> Customer Name, location, etc. </ p> _x000D_          <hr> _x000D_          <p> enlisted after receipt of the amount of the ordered phase of the account within 72 hours. </ strong> </ p>